Welcome to ” vIGMa “, a meeting place for builders.

System of Budgets Civil Engineering “vIGMa”

 They are welcome to this home page, your server Alfonso Vignon Muñoz. by profession a Civil Engineer, he invites you to learn and to use the budgeting system of Civil Engineering “vIGMa”, which was developed at the INSTITUTE TECNOLOGICO DE CHILPANCINGO, GUERRERO, MEXICO. In the year of 2004, taking ranges that exceeded our expectations both in the private sector and the municipal governments and State. With this experience we conclude that anyone having basic knowledge of the Budgets of work, can implement it professional in a quick, easy and effective way.  

Alfonso Vignon M.




The work Civil “Vigma” system of budgeting, is born by the need for systems to analyze price Unitarians, budget and obtain work (explosion of inputs) requirements. The easiest way possible, but above all that the staff who operate this system does not require profound knowledge in the management of the computer equipment.


 This text was written with the intention that is both useful to users who are unaware of the program as those experienced users who wish to know the advantages of this system.

Both for one as for others, it is also important to mention that they are not needed vast knowledge in the use of performance as they are applied to materials, labor, heavy equipment or working tools as there are available in any library in the industryThere is an extensive bibliography and manuals containing the necessary information to feed the matrices that this system handles, needing only common sense to a better approximation of unit cost that will govern our budgets.

However, it should be noted that the most basic knowledge of the Windows environment are taken for known. It is necessary to learn about tasks such as open files, save them, rename them, manage Windows, implement programmes and other typical duties of any work in this environment. This with respect to the management of the computer, and with respect to the preparation of budgets, the user must have the minimum concepts of the structure of budgets, such as the concepts of items, supplies, groups of inputs, labourCatalogue concepts of labour, etc.







This text takes place following a logical order for correct learning of the programme, agenda is exposed with a friendly and almost colloquial language to make immediate assimilation of content, in addition, the text will continuously relying on figures that clarifying any doubt. It may sometimes seem that moving very slowly, but of every phrase, every word, every figure can be much juice. While in 4 chapters any reader may effectively deal with any budget submitted to it.The budgeting system of work Vigma, was designed using a Base of data Access from Microsoft, platform, linking code of Visual Basic, what their environment is completely in Windows environment, featuring menus, icons and Windows standard of Windows 32-bitContext-sensitive help, multiple selection of rows, copy and paste records, as well as having an intelligent query able to search for and locate any data required in the shortest period of time.

then I show you some pictures of the vigma system

To enlarge please click on the inmagen.

Vigma Catalago de Materiales





2 comentarios to “Welcome to ” vIGMa “, a meeting place for builders.”

  1. guillermo Says:

    necesito el demo me lo podrian enviar gracias de ante mano

    • avignonm Says:

      buenas tardes ya esta restablecido el Link de descarga vigma ver. 1.00. disculpas por las molestias de mantenimiento… gracias


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